Increase Password Security with a Password Manager

One of the most frustrating things about passwords is trying to remember all of them. From your desktop login, social media, email, and so on – the combination of words and numbers just start to blend. We’ve seen sticky notes and notebooks filled with username and passwords. While these tactics help us remember and manage our passwords, it’s also increasing our risk of guess passwords and stolen credentials.

What Are Some Common Password Mistakes?

Physical Copy

Whether in the office or at home, keeping a physical copy of your passwords could expose your credentials to anyone who walks by. Whether that’s a disgruntled co-worker, cleaning or maintenance personnel or any colleague or supervisor, having your information readily available puts you and your company at risk. You are also risking the damaging or loss of your physical records, whether it’s mistaken as “trash” or damaged, you may have no way to recover your credentials.

Setting Simple Passwords

Setting simple passwords can conveniently grant you access to your accounts, but it also makes it easier for threat actors to guess. As more databases are being breached, one set of credentials can compromise your entire online reputation if you reuse your passwords. Threat actors will use harvested credentials across a multitude of websites because they’re aware of the convenience of reused passwords.

What’s a Better Way to Manage Your Passwords?

With a plethora of passwords to maintain and update on a consistent basis, it may seem like a daunting and frustrating task. Password managers such as LastPass, are software applications that are designed to store and manage online credentials, so you don’t have to remember them all. Password managers take the hassle out of creating long-unique passwords and having to remember them. These types of password mangers help you stay on top of password best practices by create secure passwords and alerting you when there are duplicate passwords in your account. All in all, a user only needs to remember one master password for their password manager and use a multi-factor authentication to keep their information secure.

What Are the Benefits of a Password Manager?

Not only do password managers keep your passwords secure and up to date, but many offer plug-ins that can auto-fill your passwords for convenience. Some also offer password generators that can create complex passwords on demand and store them for each new login. Additionally, password managers with auto-fill capabilities can bypass malicious keyboard logging that can record your key strokes and clipboard the content of every time you copy and paste.

“Password managers add both ease and security. You can create complex passwords for each one of your accounts and store them in a password vault. The only password you’ll have to remember is the one you’ll use to get into the vault. This allows you to create long, complex, and secure passwords without having to remember each one of them.”

– Nate Bair, Security Team Lead at ECMSI

Improve Your Password Security Today

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